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They Say It's Holding On That Makes One Strong
Sometimes It's Letting Go
It'ssssss Elz's BIRTHDAYY! I came to visit and Jack is alraedy herrre. I bruogt Firwhishky. Elz, Jack and I drink itttt. Msot of it. Lotsss of it. I haet writing in this journal, but Elz wanted me tooo, and it's her BIRTHDAY! Jack and Elz shuold do snog. They soooo want toooooo. Btu then I woulnd't have anyone to talk to.... I cuold go find Trystan. SNOG DANMIT!

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Whilst walking out towards to lake today in the freezing winter air I saw Benjamin Botha giving one Katie Bell some pointers in that Muggle sport where they kick about the black and white ball... whatever it's called. When I was walking back to the castle I saw him giving her a kiss. Unfortunately for Mr. Botha it was quite obvious which of the two Miss Bell was enjoying more, and it wasn't the latter. There. Maybe you'll all talk about that instead of asking ME questions. I don't even want to write in this stupid thing. Damnit Demelza.

I've only had mine for about a week but it seems to me that all people do in these journals is whinge. Whinging about having to give detentions, whinging about Quidditch practices, whinging about Umbridge, or-- my personal favourite-- whinging about how they have nothing to say. If all your lives are so terrible why don't you do something about it? Frankly, if you're wasting so much time writing about how woeful you are it isn't terribly surprising that life isn't improving, is it? I mean, my life is bloody FAR from peachy, but I don't feel the need share with you lot. And no, I'm not whinging about the whinging. I'm merely observing. That's what I do.

Current Mood: apathetic apathetic

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Name: Melinda Ophelia Bobbin, or Mel to a very, very select few.
Gender: female
Date of birth: June 30th, 1979
Year: 6th
House: Slytherin
Blood status: Pureblood

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